Oct 26, 2019 · 14:42 < smw_ > Oh, one more question for the room. I setup luks encryption and dropbear in the initrd to do remote unlock. However, because the interface is up, two things are breaking: 1. systemd-udevd’s renaming of the interface from eth0 to eno1.
KDAB’s unique expertise in analyzing and profiling the entire code base helps you get to the bottom of your specific performance issue. Our experts are intimately familiar with profiling tools such as valgrind, heaptrack, massif-visualizer, clang, GammaRay, Intel VTune, perf or oprofile, as well as graphics related tools such as gltrace, Nvidia’s nSight, AMD CodeXL and Vivante vProfile.
Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. My main take-out is that the limitations of apps for smart TVs are not limited to Panasonic. In fact I have been using a Roku Streaming Stick (similar to a Firestick) with my existing TV for a couple of years, and I'd assumed/hoped that a new smart TV would make this redundant.
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